• Hannah Jo Claire

CHS Cross Country team begins season with new coach

Our new Cross Country coach this year at CHS is Alex Papanicolopoulos. "Mr. P," as he is known by CHS students, is an English teacher.

Our former Cross Country coach at CHS was Casey Ponder. She resigned her position at the end of the 2017-2018 school year.

Mr. P wrote an acceptance letter of interest for the position of Cross Country for the 2018 Fall season. Before coming to CHS, he had several years of experience as the assistant Coach for Track & Field at Bound Brook High School in New Jersey.

Mr.P has had the most experience in the field of events like the High Jump and Pole Vault. He had also assisted in training sprinters during the first three seasons of his coaching career.

Over the six-year span of Mr. P serving as an assistant coach, he has "worked hard to motivate his athletes through a combination of challenging workouts and fun activities that enhance mental focus and produce Incremental improvements in athletic performance."

Coach P. has a track record of being a resourceful coach who works with other successful coaches to design the best workouts for his athletes. Mr. P is determined to have a successful team this year.