• Jermichael Winn

3 common mistakes new runners make

Some people run because they don't have access to a gym, while others do it for a workout. Anybody can take up the sport. First time runners often start before knowing what it takes.

One mistake beginning runners make is doing too much too soon. According to CNN, ''picking up a new hobby like running is no doubt exciting, but novice runners need to ease into the sport by building up a mileage base before increasing the distance, intensity, and frequency of their runs." This shows you need to ease into the sport.

Another mistake beginning runners make is not weaving the right gear. If you don't wear the right shoes while run, you might injure your feet. According to CNN, "the most important piece of equipment for running is a good pair of running shoes, so be sure to do some research before you purchase a pair." This shows shoes are a key part of running.

The last mistake people make when running is running through pain. According to CNN, "if something hurts when you run you need to stop and treat pain." This shows you shouldn't run though the pain.