• Damien Lane

'Rainbow Six Siege' testing new operators 'Clash' and 'Maverick'

"Rainbow Six Siege" is going into its third year and still more players are buying the game daily. The year three road map has been different for "Rainbow" in many different ways from the first season of Operation Outbreak, Operation Para Bellum, and Operation Grim Sky. The final Operation of year three hasn't been released to the community. Grim Sky is the newest Operation of year three so far, and it is bringing two new operators and a reworked map.

According to the game's official website, the two new operators are a defender and attacker for "Rainbow Six Siege." The attacker is named Erik Thorn and is nicknamed "Maverick." Maverick's special gadget is a almost like a big D.I.Y. blowtorch. The D.I.Y. blowtorch can cut through reinforced walls and hatches. The only bad side the D.I.Y blowtorch has is that you must be in close to whatever you're cutting, which puts you in a dangerous spot; it also runs out of fuel quickly. The blow-torch only has four small fuel rods to cut through walls and hatches. The gadget allows the player to make sight lines into the room to easily take out the defenders. The one thing about the D.I.Y. blowtorch that everyone is crazy about is that it almost doesn't make any noise while cutting.

Erik comes from a multilingual family, and he is in the top 2 percent in terms of intelligence. When he finished high school, Erik joined the U.S. Army and rose in ranks over a short period of time. He became an Intelligence Officer, serving in Kabul as a foreign reporter and adventurer as criminals were overflowing to the city. Erik was well- known in the underground club circuit and even among locals as a proficient "Buzkashi player" (a sport in which teams on horseback compete to gain possession of a "ball" and bring it to a scoring area).

Erik was so good at his job of gathering lintel that a specialist unit wanted him to come help them find missing agents from the field. As he was investigating a missing reporter agent, the Unit lost contact with him. After two long years of silence from Erik, he re-emerged with lintel of to dismantle a major insurgency operation.

The second operator is named Morowa Evans, nicknamed "Clash." Before she became Clash, she the led the fight in her community against racist groups, which ended in riots most of the time. She stayed apart of the riots until one day someone she carried about died because of the riot trying to protect their store from being looted from the riot.

After two months passed, the Evans was still feeling bad about the death of her close one, so she offered to help the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) to make a difference. The MPS offered her a clean record if she helped them stop violent riots in London. Evans used her knowledge from years of being a riot leader against the riots. In 2011, London riots broke out, and Evans was on the front lines keeping the riots in control. Evans later acquired special permission to attend Gold Command meetings to help plan the next move if the riots broke out again; there she gained new tools and gadgets for crowd control.

Evans ended up making 274 arrests throughout her service and later made Detective Constable. Evans even got a gold metal from the Queen, herself, for her exceptional bravery, according to the "Rainbow Six Siege" official website.

She will be the first shield operator on the defending team. Clash's shield isn't like the rest: she can deal damage from a distance and also slow you down. Clash also has a full-auto sidearm. The shield can fully cover her entire body, but if hit, she will be knocked back two feet, and the shield will become unextended, leaving her exposed.