• Jacqueline Walker

Tallahassee officer lends hand, shaves homeless man's beard

Don't you think the world could use a lot more random acts of kindness and helping hands towards people?

According to USA Today, on Sunday July 24, 2018, at a gas station in nearby Tallahassee, Fla., an officer by the name of Tony Carlson saw a homeless man, "Phil," trying to shave his beard.

Carlson didn’t notice he was being recorded when he found in his heart to help the man shave his beard. Phil told Carlson, “(He) just needed to be clean-shaven to get hired.” So after Carlson shaved Phil's thick beard, Phil applied for a job at the McDonald’s next door to the gas station.

Carlson saw Phil wanted to help himself and said that was why he wanted to do what he could to help Phil get the job.

According to USA Today, there’s a video, taken by a resident who was at the gas station and then shared it on Facebook, which has received 113,000 views and 2,000 more shares on Facebook since being posted.

“Phil was so excited after the simple shave, Carlson remember. He joked with (Carlson) that he should be a barber.”

Carlson said he hopes that Phil gets the job. “You might want to check in the mirror before you tell me I need to be a barber,” Carlson joked back.