• Damien Lane

Old U.S. army tank upgraded to today's technology

The M109A6 Paladin Howitzer was first made back in the early 1960s as an artillery tank for the battlefield. The tank has never has seen real action of a battlefield but was made for striking enemy troops or tanks from a distance. The army has made many upgrades and changes to the tank in case it is ever needed for use in war today. The upgrades included putting different tracks on the tank or upgrading the targeting systems in it.

According to army-technology.com, the latest upgrade for the tank has been for its main cannon. The original cannon appears to be a 125mm cannon, which could only reach 11.24 miles when firing standard 95-pound M107 HE. The cannon could reach 18.64 miles when firing 97-pound M549 RAP rounds. The cannon has now been replaced with a new, self-propelled 155mm cannon with new types of HEAT rounds that can destroy any tanks or ships within range.

The new cannon now can reach a whopping 216 miles but can only fire 4 rpm (rounds per min). The tank can function with only six people working. The crew inside the tank would have all their own jobs to do. The jobs would be the Loaders, Gunner, Assistant Gunner, Commander, and Driver.