• Jacqueline Walker

Kygo releases another new song

Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll, better known as Kygo, Miguel, is a record producer, musician, and songwriter who is back with a new song he wrote called, “Remind me to forget.” The duration is 3:37, and the genre is electronic and dance.

According to Lyricinterpretations.com, the meaning of the song is that “It's true that time can heal most wounds and sometimes forgiveness is involuntary, which is why the scars left behind are so important...sometimes you need to remind yourself of what was done to you. If you struggle with letting go, make it a conscious choice to forget the lovers that have left you wounded. Remind yourself to forget.”

Many people can listen to the song and understand what is going on, but not everyone sees the same things.

Like modern dance, people could think the theme of "Remind me to forget" is love and how people can't let each other go, or it could be about things people become addicted to and keep going back to (like love), no matter how hard they try addiction and no matter how hard they try to stop or forget.

Songs are the same way, but for this particular song, there were not any debates on the meaning of the song.

You can go online and listen to the song and form your own opinion or check up on Lyricinterpretations.com and see if anyone else has come up with a theory.

Below is the YouTube video for "Remind me to forget" by Kygo, Miguel: