• Mackenzie Dekle

New Netflix show 'Insatiable' earning divided reviews from critics, audiences

"Insatiable" was released in August 10, 2018. Although critics have given very poor reviews on sites like Rotten Tomatoes, audiences are giving better reviews. The target audience for this show would be teenage girls, which may be why most adult critics aren't loving the show. However, viewers should be cautioned that there is adult language and some adult situations depicted.

Caution: Spoilers ahead for season one of "Insatiable"

In the show, Debby Ryan plays Patty, but the other characters refer to her as "Fatty-Patty." Patty was overweight her whole life and bullied until one day she was assaulted by a man. When she got assaulted, the man broke her jaw. Therefore, Patty was only able to drink/eat liquids, causing her to lose weight and become skinny. When Patty got skinny and beautiful, she wanted revenge on her bullies. Her first step was enrolling in Pageants.

As Patty prepared herself for her pageants, her coach helped her find herself. Patty had no father, and her mother was never home to take care of her, so she was more on the wild side. Patty's best friend was in love with her, causing her to lose the only friend she had. Throughout her finding herself, she falls in love. The boy she falls in love with turns out to be a crazy stalker out to ruin her life. Patty's revenge took over her brain, causing her to lose everybody she cares about and once again become the victim of bullying. However, this didn't stop her from chasing her dreams to become the Pageant Queen.

In the end of season one, Patty was kidnapped by her competition. The kidnapper planned to kill Patty, but Patty wasn't one of the few people who ended up dead that night. Patty saved and took lives that night.