• Brandon Glover

South Gateway International Bridge has slowed down

The South Gateway International Bridge is the official port for migrants coming from Mexico to enter the U.S. legally. On August 19, 2018, thousands of migrants were told to wait at the station with no explanation and almost no movement.

The migrants have been waiting three days and nights so far at the station. Since there are no beds, and they sleep on the floor. “For three days we have been sleeping on the floor and they have been telling us the same thing,” one of them, a man named Mbella, told TIME Magazines. “But every day, someone else goes and we remain here.”

The other migrant ports however, are working a lot faster but slower than usual. The South Gateway International Bridge is the one with the biggest change in speed. “We’re seeing an increase in people showing up at the ports,” says Astrid Dominguez, director of the ACLU of Texas Border Rights Center, “but we’re not seeing them get processed in a very timely manner.”

At a press conference on the next day, August 20, President Trump talked about the wall he has promised supporters: “The wall is getting longer and taller and stronger each and every day,” he said at the conference, even though construction has not yet begun. Trump also said that he would rather send people back to their home countries immediately than take them in.

The wait is especially devastating to those determined to get to America. Time reports that “A woman named Dianellis said she and her husband had sold everything they had in order to flee persecution in Cuba. They had been waiting to cross the Gateway International Bridge for a week. As for Mbella, he and his wife left behind five children in their native Cameroon. He said they fled to the Americas after experiencing a violent clash with the government.”