• Shederrian Jones

East Point officer fired following abuse accusations

​Sgt. Richard Gooddine was fired Wednesday August 22, 2018. He was accused of abusing two 15-year-old girls. In addition, he is accused of stalking one of the girls and her mother at a local hospital, according to AJC.

East Point Police Chief Tommy Gardener stated Gooddine had violated multiple police procedures and has been terminated.

Gooddine has been on payed leave since August 20. He allegedly detained the 1st 15- year-old girl for violating curfew. Then, he brought her to Village Highlands apartments and abused her. The former Sgt. was on duty when all of this occurred.

According to the girl’s attorney, Gooddine followed her from a Waffle House restaurant where she was with friends. He then proceeded to let the girls friends go and just detain the 15-year-old. When the victims mother took her to the hospital, Gooddine followed and had to be escorted out


On Tuesday, allegations from seven years ago resurfaced. The former Sgt. was accused of abusing a 15-year-old back in 2011, but charges were never made.The Fulton County DA’s office declined to prosecute him. They stated it wouldn’t be in the best interest of the victim. The reasoning was because the victim was in counseling showing progression, and that if she were to be put on the stand she might have been traumatized and relived those experiences.

Gooddine has not been charged in his recent case, but an ongoing investigation is occurring.