• Damien Lane

The U.S. shows off new attack plane

The U.S. Army is always creating new weapons and vehicles for the Army and Air Force. The U.S. military has created a new Air Force plane which is being tested in the Philippine sea. The plane has not been given an official name. The new plane would actually be a downgrade from the planes the U.S. regularly makes.

The plane is modeled after the WWll plane called the Curtiss P-40 Warhawk. The plane was first put into usage in 1938 for taking out enemy ground troops and vehicles. The plane was armed with with 30mm guns and all different types of bombs. The new version of the plane was built to be cheaper.

The new plane will be used for the same purposes as the older plane. The new plane might have been modeled after the old one, but the U.S. Army has made some different body types of the plane. However, the Army is still giving the plane the shark teeth and smile just like the original featured. The plane will also have the same type of engine as the original, but it will be upgraded to be faster and more reliable.