• Hannah Jo Claire

Sneak peek of the upcoming pep rally

This upcoming pep rally is going to be even better than last week. Exciting new games, dances, and many more interesting things are going to happen this Friday, so make sure to come with your best school spirit and be as loud as possible.

The second spirit contest is going to be very competitive. Freshman, sophomores, and juniors, you need to bring all you have because based on the last pep rally, it looks like the seniors are not backing down! Tomorrow, August 24, 2018, come to school with your noise makers and loud voices for the spirit contest.

The Varsity cheerleaders have been practicing all week to show everyone their amazing dance they have prepared for the school. The varsity is really excited to show what they have come up with.

The game for this pep rally has been kept in total secrecy. There have been rumors that the game will be a human-sized version of "hungry hippos," but that is not the case. Varsity cheerleaders and staff can not release any information, so if you are interested in knowing what game will be played this Friday, either come to the pep rally, or read the recap of this pep rally next week in the Red and Black.

Also, come out and help support the Syrupmakers tomorrow night as they play against the Bainbridge Bearcats. The game is away and will be located in Bainbridge, so come out and support the Makers and make some noise for the Red and Black.