• Kade Godwin

Can you do the 'Dele Challenge'?

New viral trends are popping up day after day.

The latest one is called the “Dele Challenge.” However, many people seem to be struggling to figure out how to do this one.

Tottenham Spurs soccer star Dele Alli has blown up the internet with his unusual goal celebration. He introduced this trend after scoring his first goal of the 2018-19 Premier League season opener against Newcastle United.

Now, professional soccer players, celebrities, and fans alike from all across the world are trying to recreate Dele’s signature salute.

So how do you do this strange hand trick? It only take three easy steps:

First, make an “OK” symbol with your hand.

Next, take the "O" part of your hand and move it above your three extended fingers.

Finally, turn your hand upside down, put the O over your eye and press your hand against your forehead.

And that's it. You have successfully mastered the “Dele Challenge.”