• Mackenzie Dekle

CHS teacher, students bringing food truck to local community

CHS teacher Mrs. Whitney Brown has plans to turn a school bus into a food truck.

The food truck will be run by CHS students and will be driven all around Cairo. There is no confirmed date for the truck's launch, but Mr. Gainous and Principal Lokey have already approved her idea.

The food that will be sold will be locally produced. There will be sandwiches, baked foods, and farm-based foods, including chicken.

Mrs. Brown will be in her new kitchen in the renovated CTAE building in January 2019. At that time, she and the culinary students will cook for fundraisers to put money towards her project.

She will also have night classes for adults to help teach them how to cook and decorate foods and cakes. Last year, Mrs. Brown had the "Take-Out Tuesday" fundraiser, and she’ll be hosting it again this year. Take-Out Tuesday is a meal the culinary students cook and sell which can be picked up here at CHS.

Multiple subjects will be involved in this upcoming project. The art class will decorate the truck. Math and accounting classes will be in charge of prices and the finances. Architecture will design the layout of the truck. Automotive classes will help with maintenance. Agriculture will be growing crops for the foods that will be being sold. Lastly, culinary classes will cook the food. The plan is to have all academics and electives involved.

Mrs. Brown is currently earning a Master's degree in Adult and Career Education from Valdosta State University. She will also begin a Culinary endorsement through Northwest GA RESA next month.