• Jermichael Winn

Two super healthy foods

A lot of people don't eat healthy. However, healthy foods are needed "to provide the necessary nutrients that your body needs to create new cells, clean toxins, and to just function everyday," according to the Palo Alto Medical Foundation. Two healthy fruits you can add to your diet are bananas and strawberries.

Did you know bananas are super healthy? According to Healthline, "Bananas are among the world's best sources of potassium. They are also high in vitamin B6 and fiber. Bananas are ridiculously convenient and portable." This shows bananas can help your body in different ways.

Many people eat strawberries because of how they taste, but did you know they can help your body? According to Medical News Today, "studies have shown that eating strawberries helps to lower homocysteine levels, an amino acid in blood associated with damaging the inner lining of arteries."