• Jacqueline Walker

Track Review: "Youngblood" by 5 SOS

The pop rock band 5 Seconds of Summer is back with a new song and album called, “Youngblood,” the group's third album. There have been a lot of debates on the meaning of the song title track.

Reading through all the comments and opinions on Lyricinterpertations.com, all seem to come to one agreement that the song is based on a toxic relationship.

The word young blood means a young inexperienced person. In the song, however, it has a different meaning. On Lyricinterpertations.com, one of the anonymous commenters says, “I think 'young blood' here refers to the adrenaline and feels they get when they are with each other. And the protagonist needs it.”

Another anonymous commenter says, “I think that the term “Youngblood” refers to a girl that the author is in love with. But he being older, the girl wants to experience love with someone of the same age as her that’s why she has been calling someone else.”

The chorus of the song contains the following lyrics: "Young blood, Say you want me, Say you want me, Back in your life, So I’m just a dead man crawling tonight, 'Cause I need it, yeah I need it, All of the time, Yeah, ooh, ooh, ooh.”

What are your thoughts on 5 Seconds of Summer's new song? What do you think "young blood" means?

Check out the song below: