• Jacqueline Walker

The Red and Black's New Teacher Surveys: Fall 2018 Edition

Here at the Red and Black, each year we like to survey all of the new folks at the school and then share a bit about each new faculty member with our readers. The following are CHS's new teachers for 2018 who responded to our surveys. A few other new faculty members were added for 2018-2019 but did not respond to our surveys. Thank you to all for participating and good luck to all this year! Welcome to CHS!

Zac Howard

Howard is the new Heath/Personal Fitness teacher. He’s been teaching for 17 years. He spent 13 years at Harris county and three years at Newman county. Howard grew up in Gordo, Ala., and graduated from Gordo High School, which is 20 miles west of Tuscaloosa.

He graduated from the University of Alabama. Howard says his hobbies and interests outside of work are “Spending time with family.” His favorite sport team is the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Howard will also be helping and sponsoring for our football team.

David Cannon

Cannon is the new World History teacher. He’s been teaching for 13 years; two years were spent at Civilian Middle School and 11 years in the Military as a superintendent of Red Horse training. Cannon taught before in Fort Braden in Tallahassee, Fla.

He grew up in Cairo, Ga., and graduated from Cairo High School. He graduated from Daytona state, University Central Florida, and Florida State.

Cannon says his hobbies and interests outside of work are “Golf, fishing, hunting, (and) tennis.” Also, his favorite sports teams are the Cubs, the Buccaneers, and the Gators. “Go Gators,” stated Cannon. Also, Cannon will be offering tutoring this year, so any student who needs a little extra help with world history can come and visit him.

Hannah Harrison

Harrison is the new dance teacher. She says, “This is (her) first year teaching in a school setting," but she has "taught dance for five years.” She works at the dance studio called OBCDA.

Harrison grew up in Cairo, Ga., and graduated from Cairo High School. She graduated college from Valdosta State.

Harrison says that in terms of hobbies and interests outside of dance, “(She) like[s] to sing, play keyboard, draw, and paint and dance obviously.” When asked about her favorite sport teams she says, “I love the FSU Seminoles!”

Harrison will be sponsoring and helping the Dance Club. Also, she will be offering tutoring for anyone if need, so any student in need of help or tutoring can visit Harrison

Landrie Bock

Bock is the new Theatre and Fundamentals of Theatre teacher. Bock says that this is her first year teaching "traditionally" but that she has been teaching "with nonprofit organizations, over thirty."

Bock has taught in Dallas, Tex.; New York City; Glen Falls, N.Y., and in Atlanta. She grew up in Cairo, Ga., and graduated from Cairo High School. She then graduated from Valdosta State and North Park University.

Bock says that her hobbies and interests outside of work are “Reading, cooking/ baking, watercolors, and history (US Presidents)."

Her favorite sports teams are the Georgia Bulldogs, the Yankees, and the Braves. Bock will also be sponsoring and helping theatre.

She will also be offering tutoring. Her office hours are 2:00 - 2:30 p.m., so any students needing tutoring can come and visit Bock during those hours.

Noelle Clatto

Clatto teaches 10th, 11th, and 12th grade English. She’s been teaching for 19 years and has worked in St. Louis, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and Franklin County, Fla.

She grew up in St. Louis Trill City and graduated From St. John the Baptist College Prep high school. Also she graduated from Southwest Mo. State College.

Clatto says that her favorite hobbies and interests outside of work are “Walking, blading, shopping, reading, time with family, and watching TV and streamed shows."

She also will be offering tutoring every Tuesday starting 3 to 4 p.m. Clatto will help seniors with college essays; students can also receive ACT assistance upon request. Students who help with their college essays can come and visit Clatto for help and editing.

Shakedia Williams

Williams is the new Health science and Introduction to Healthcare teacher. This is Williams' first year teaching.

She has previous nursing experience, including nephrology nursing, med surgical, and SNF.

Williams grew up in Donalsonville, Ga., and graduated from Seminole County High School. Also, she graduated from Jacksonville University, Thomasville University, and Wallace college.

Williams says that her hobbies and interests outside of work are “Shopping, traveling, and Zumba.” Also her favorite sport team is Florida State.

She also will be sponsoring and helping Skills USA and offering tutoring. She says tutoring will be available for her health science students, so anyone that has her class and need a little extra help with Health Science can come and visit her.