• Hannah Jo Claire

'Fortnite' Season 5 Recap

The Season five of "Fortnite" started off with a bang! A missile launched and exploded in the sky, forming Rifts where you can teleport and glide to a new location. The map has updated by adding a desert biome and also a viking village. This is how they invented the theme called World Collide. The battle pass this season has included the themes within their packages, as well.

During the season, once you buy a battle pass, there are weekly challenges to let you earn cool and unique items. The battle pass gives you two free skins which are drift and huntress. Don't worry though: even if you buy your battle pass late, you can catch up. The point of a battle pass is to help you tier up faster, level up, and earn a bunch of skins and awesome emotes.

Emotes you can choose from are dance moves, emoticons, gadgets, contrails, gliders, and extraordinary pickaxes. The new toys for season five include golf balls, basketballs, and beach balls, which are all also available in the fancy version. Pickaxes for the season are the balloon axe and the rift edge. Contrails let you free fall in style. The new contrails include the runic, tp, lanterns, and ice crystals. Also, gliders include the cruiser, conquest, splashdown. "Fortnite" also came out with the ATK's, but be careful if you damage the ATK too much, it will disappear. Daily and weekly Challenges will let you earn all the exciting and unique gadgets listed above.

There has been plenty of changes to the map when season five came out. Risky reels has been restored to its original flat grounds with its paths cleared. New ramps were placed all around the map. Clay pigeon shooting machines were placed where you can shoot skeet. Dusty Depot is in a rebuilding stage. Moisty Mire has been replaced by the new desert biome. The new desert biome is full of tall mountains, roads, and plenty of tall structures. Paradise palms and lazy links are two new places that have formed. What used to be dusty divot with a huge crater in the middle is now full of nature and buildings which have been abandoned.

The big mountain close to greasy groves and snobby shores have had a huge update. It has now become the new viking village. The viking village has a huge waterfall, snow in the air, and log cabins with a huge boat in the middle of the village. The huge soccer stadium that used to be on the map has suddenly disappeared and has been replaced with absolutely nothing, just grass and some statues. The burger that used to be on top of the burger joint has been relocated to a hill right above pleasant park. Finally, the tomato head that was on top of the pizza place in tomato town was sadly sucked into a rift last season and has not made an appearance yet. There is a sign at the top of the pizza place that shows how much of a loss he was to everyone.

The anniversary for "Fortnite" was on July 24 through August 19. The "Fortnite" crew decided to add a new challenge throughout the anniversary. Birthday challenges were not a part of the battle pass; it was an extra addition celebrating Fortnite's birthday, so no battle pass is needed. If you clear all three challenges, then you get the birthday cake back pack. The three challenges are to play a total of 14 matches, deal damage to opponents, and dance in front of all the birthday cakes spread around the map. By doing these challenges, you get rewards for every specific challenge. If you play a total of 14 matches, you will earn 5,000 xp, which will help you level up and earn emotes. Deal damage reward would be "Fortnite" birthday emoticon. If you dance in front of all 10 birthday cakes, you will earn the happy birthday spray, according to ign.com.