• Shederrian Jones

New charges in case of missing Tallahassee man

On December 16, 2000, Mike Williams of Tallahassee, Fla., went duck hunting and never returned.

According to then Tallahassee Democrat, Mike was sold a $1 million life insurance policy by his best friend, Brian Winchester.

Months after his disappearance, his wife, Denise, claimed the money and asked for her husband to be declared dead. She told an insurance company his death was a drowning accident. In 2005, Denise and Brian Winchester married. The two had been having an affair years before Mike disappeared. Mike suspected something was wrong but didn’t think an affair was happening. When money started missing from his and Denise’s accounts, he suspected she was on drugs and went to her mother.

As of today, Winchester and Williams are divorced. Winchester was recently arrested for kidnapping his ex-wife, and while in custody, he admitted he and Denise had made a plan to kill Mike Williams. WCTV reports he confessed to the killing in exchange for immunity. This led to Denise being charged with the death of her husband and insurance fraud. Winchester calculated his ex-wife made 2.25 million off her first husbands death.

The state of Florida has a statue that states nobody can financially for a crime that they’ve committed regarding a homicide. Denise broke the law and will now face punishment for her crimes. Hopefully Mikes parents, friends, and daughter can finally get the closure they need.

Denise Williams was ordered to be held without bond. Her next trial date will be held on September 24, 2018.

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