• Jacqueline Walker

CHS adds new dance class, teacher

This year, CHS has a new class and teacher, Hannah Harrison, director of dance. In Ms. Harrison's classes, our fellow students will be introduced to basic dance knowledge. For example, Ballet, Jazz, and Modern Technique will be taught to help students develop coordination, flexibility, and strength while they also acquire technical skills.

CHS is really up for something new and different year by year, including this year's CHS dance class. Students will observe and explore the role of dance in various cultures. Those who take Dance I and really enjoy the class can join to take Dance II, where dancing becomes more effective, more advance, and more fun.

What are Ms. Harrison goals and plans for this year and years to come? “(She) plans to have performances with live vocalists from chorus, live music from the band...want[s]

the art class to create murals in the dance studio," and "eventually to have students attend multiple performances and parades out of the year." Ms. Harrison also says she would like to "have a dance team that performs at sport events and other school activities.”

What is Ms. Harrison job, reason, purpose as a teacher? “To give others the opportunity to express themselves creatively," responded Ms. Harrison.