• Tony Herring

Samsung to release Note 9 with huge price tag

On August 24, 2018, Samsung will release its newest flagship phone, the Galaxy Note 9. Its predecessor the Note 8 didn’t do well last quarter in sales. There sales were down 1.9 percent and with the galaxy note 9 coming out in late August they are hoping something will change this quarter. With the price starting at a staggering $1,250 it doesn’t seem like much will change this quarter either unless Samsung brings something new to the table.

The Note 9 comes in four new colors: blue, black, copper and violet. It will also include a 512 GB version which can hold up to a terabyte of storage with an SD card. This is unheard of in any smartphone. It has a new 4,000mAw battery which is well needed since the phone has 6.4 inch display. It carries a 40 hour battery life. The S-Pen now supports Bluetooth and can now take pictures wirelessly. It also contains a 10nm Snapdragon processor, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 processor Samsung newest and fastest processor.

Samsung is also bringing exciting news for Fortnite fans and gamers. Samsung is pairing with Epic to bring the game to the Note 9 first. It is currently only available on Apple products. The new phone will also include cooling technology to prevent the phone from lagging and overheating while users play for long periods of time which is a plus to any Apple users now experiencing this problem.

With all new features and colors Samsung expects to bring home more money this fall with the new Note 9, but a $1,200 price could push buyers away from purchasing the new phone.