• Damien Lane

Rainbow Six Siege comeback story and new operation

The "Rainbow" brand has been going for a while now and has been growing rapidly in player count over the past year. "Rainbow" has become the comeback game of the year compared to how the game started off. The game started off with a handful of operators and very little game modes. The game had over 500,000 people playing the game at the time but slowly started to decline. Ubsoft then started making new operators for the game and new maps with them.

The gaming community noticed that "Rainbow six" was a different game than the normal first-person shooter. The game was more strategy than run-and-gun. Many players enjoyed that the game brought something different and fun to the field. As a result, the game's player count for the second year of being out climbed up to 20 million. The game is now going on its year three season and is bringing more new operators and maps for free. The game is expected to reach 30 million players by the end of this year.

The new operators are coming from a new country that players haven't got any other operators from before. The operators come from the Italian countryside and are bringing their own type of gadgets to the playing field, but many are thinking that the the abilities won't be as good as the game says, according to Rainbow Six Siege.

The new "operation" (theme) for this quarter of the season is Para Bellum, with a new map called Villa that's on the Italian countryside. The new map is a mansion set that has long hallways and close corridors that can lead to some interesting gameplay.

One of the two new operators is Alibi. Alibi has the ability to make fake versions of herself using a gadget called Prisma, which uses holograms to trick enemies. The second operator is Maestro. Maestro's gadget is called the Evil eye and is a remote-controlled firing turret that shoots high-energy laser beams. Once placed down on the floor or on the wall, Maestro can control the turret and watch over the area it is placed. The camera on the turret can move a full 360-degrees, as well. The turret cannot be damaged by bullets or melee.

The new map and operators have a lot of the "Rainbow" community excited.