• Damien Lane

Vitor Belfort retires after his last fight in the Octagon

Legendary 41-year-old octagon fighter Vitor Belfort comes from a mix of fighting skills, including boxing, mixed martial arts, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai, and Shotokan. Belfort stands in at 6′ 0" and weighs 205 pounds.

Belfort was recently in a fight on May 12, 2018, against Lyoto Machida for the lightweight championship at Jeunesse Arena in Rio de Janeiro at UFC 224. Machida is 39 years old and is only known for training in martial artists; he stands in 6′ 1" and weighs 185 lbs.

The fight started off normally, but in the second round, Machida broke Belfort's guard and struck him with a left kick to Belfort's jaw. The kick was so powerful that it knocked Belfort out. Machida saw that he had knocked the legend out and stepped back, according to ESPN. The fight was won by Machida by knock, earning him the title of lightweight champion.

After the match, Belfort walked into the middle of the Octagon, took of his gloves, and placed them on the floor, then walked out of the arena. A fighter placing his gloves down in the Octagon is a symbol of retirement.