• Damien Lane

China's first domestically-made war ship set sail

China navy has created its second aircraft carrier called the Liaoning, and now are testing its capabilities of it. The 50,000-ton carrier will hold a crew of the 1,000 soldiers and 47 J-15 fighter jets. The new carrier has been modified to hold more than the first carrier by 20 more jets. The carrier will also have anti-air guns all around the ship. The top anti-air guns that the ship will have are the -3.7 cm SK C/30, QF 2 pdr Mk II, Mk VIII Vickers 2-pounder pom-pom, Bofors 40 mm gun, and the 45 mm anti-aircraft gun (21-K), according to Fox News

The Liaoning has a new way of storing the jets, as well. The jets will be in a storage area below deck, hidden out of sight. China also has been talking about building a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier. The ship will not be able to be used for combat for some time because of testing the capabilities and adding to the ship for improvements. China closed down a waterway for the testing of the carrier. The waterway that was closed from the people was a section of ocean southeast of the city of Dalian.