• Allison McMillian

Amazon Go stores coming to two new locations

Amazon has been experimenting with cashier-free grocery stores since earlier in the year. The first cashier-free store opened by the company was in Seattle, Wash. in January 2018. The new locations will be going to San Francisco and Chicago, according to CNN.

The stores use cameras and sensors to track the customers' movements. Before entering the store, a customer must have open the Amazon Go app on his or her phone. When an item is taken from the shelf, it automatically charges the customer's account when he or she leaves. If the item is placed back on the shelf before the customer leaves, it will be taken out of the virtual cart, according to The Guardian.

Although there are no cashiers, there are still human employees checking inventory, restocking shelves, and working security. Amazon was already in the grocery business before its brick and mortar stores. It had an online grocery store and grocery delivery services. The company also owns Whole Foods, which it bought for $13.7 billion.

During the testing phases, the new cashier-free stores ran smoothly, but there have been issues popping up here and there. Sometimes the sensors will misidentify people with the same body type.