• Cierra Bynum

Virginia lunch lady steals quarter of a million dollars from local school system

A lunch lady in Virginia stole more than a quarter of a million dollars from the local school system where she worked.

Police confirmed Lenora Williams had used taxpayers' money to make hundreds of unauthorized purchases from an account that she controlled for ten years, according to USA Today.

TV news station WSLS said that Williams spent up to $173,366.74 in unapproved debit card charges and $11,804.84 in unapproved checks. $76,123.66 was also found missing from cafeteria money deposits.

State attorney Chris Rehak told USA Today that the fraud became more visible after Williams died at the age of 61 in the late 2017. Rehak said the debit card receipts revealed purchases Williams made at Amazon, Wal-Mart, Kroger, restaurants, gas stations, resorts, and her utilities and taxes.

"On top of negligent record management, lackadaisical security measures, and careless accounting efforts, the more troubling part of the saga may rest in disregarded warnings. The working environment in 2010 was such that cafeteria staff members felt uncomfortable reporting unusual gifts and expenditures by Williams for fear of losing their jobs. Nevertheless, one brave employee stepped up to blow the whistle,” Rehak told USA Today.