• David Smith

$300,000 McLaren super car found in Nevada Desert

On May 11, 2018, a McLaren 720 was found in the middle of the desert. When policed arrived, they found no one who could have been victims of the crash.

The car was found about 70 yards away from the road, near a ravine, which it almost fell into. Both the driver and passenger escaped serious injury because they were wearing their seat belts.

"The luxurious car was on a cross-country exotic car rally, along with many Lamborghini's and Bugattis," according to the Daily Mail.

Once the police found out there were no victims of the crash, they tested to see whether the car still worked. They believed that nothing on the car would work, considering that there had been multiple parts that had been lost in the crash. However, even though it didn't seem possible, one of the car's butterfly-style doors still worked after the accident.

"After searching the area, the officers learned that the occupants of the vehicle had gone to a hospital to seek treatment for some minor injuries," according to Daily Mail.