• Breanna Johns

Flu season comes to an end in South Georgia

After almost six months and hundreds of lives lost, the flu season is finally coming to an end in South Georgia.

From this year alone, almost 150 people have died from the flu in Georgia.

The typical flu season runs from November to February. Even though some cases are still popping up in South Georgia, officials said they have decreased.

It’s not “unusual” to have some cases over the summer, which is the reason you should keep up with things like “hand washing and staying home if you feel sick” to help prevent getting the flu.

"The more people, the more coverage we have, the better off we have of minimizing the amount of infections we're going to have in our community," said epidemiologist Kenneth Lowery. "We're going to be pushing that message of highly recommending getting the flu shot, like we typically do every year, but hoping that maybe last year will be an example of how bad it can get, and hope we can prevent that from happening again.”

Health officials are already working on the next flu vaccine, which will be coming out this fall.

Here are some things you can do to help prevent the flu: get a flu shot, avoid contact with sick people, wash your hands frequently, keep your environment clean, wear a face mask when visiting a hospital, and take antiviral drugs if your doctor prescribes them.