• Damien Lane

U.S. Army releases information on new ground vehicle

The U.S. army has always had some type of ground vehicle for its troops, going back to WWII. The first ground vehicle that was put into action in WWII was the Jeep Wrangler model. The jeep was created just for WWII soldiers and its capabilities of crossing battlefields without breaking. The jeep was made to be lightweight; the original model was so lightweight that four soldiers could pick it up to get it unstuck from muddy areas and holes. However, it was also designed to be able to carry ten soldiers at a time. The models of the different types of ground vehicles over the years have changed in design to meet the needs of soldiers in war. Different types of ground vehicles, such as the Jeep Wrangler, M6 Fargo, M151, Willys MB, Willys M38, M939 Truck, and the HMMWV have been used in American wars since WWII.

The army has now created a new type of ground vehicle for troops. The vehicle was created four months ago but was only revealed three weeks ago, including details of how the vehicle will come in handy for troops in battle. The vehicle has been named the Flyer, GMV 1.1. The Flyer has different body types to fit different situations.

The Flyer has one body type that is unarmored to be lighter to carry equipment and troops; this model has no guns. The second body type is half-way armored with small armored doors with no guns. The third vehicle has a heavy-armored body with bullet-proof glass and doors. The vehicle also has mounted guns on the side and one on the top of the vehicle. The side guns are the MG, and the top-mounted gun can be either one of two types of guns. The top-mounted guns can have a low rate of fire with heavy rounds or a high rate of fire with smaller rounds.

The vehicle will hopefully be put into action in less than a year.