• Damien Lane

Autonomous lawnmowers could be the future of landscape

Lawn mowers have been in demand by everyone who has wanted to have a nice-looking yard or field since 1830, when they were created by Edwin Beard Budding. The future of landscaping is coming closer and closer every month, but it looks like the future is coming sooner than people think. The Honda Miimo 3000 is a new, autonomous lawn mower out on the market. The average price range of autonomous lawn mowers ranges from $800 to $2000 depending on what brand a customer purchases. The Honda Miimo 3000 is at the upper end of that range.

Honda has created its own autonomous lawn mower to compete with the other versions from brands such as Amazon, Home Depot, Husqvarna, and Robomow. Autonomous lawn mowers were inspired by the idea of how farmers mow their grass and collect their crops with computer-controlled tractors. The tractors work from Google Maps to track the fields.

The autonomous lawn mowers have been created to help homeowners be a little more lazy - or, in a way, smart - by using an almost Roomba-like robot. The lawn mower works off a battery that last up to four hours and will park itself when on low power. Autonomous lawn mowers come with a wire to set the boundaries of the yard or property. Similar to how a Roomba will stop when it bumps into an object or boundary, the mower will stop when it reaches the wire.