• Michelle Hebert

Couple's prom night turns into engagment

On April 21, 2018, a couple’s prom photos in Belton, Tex., turned into proposal pictures, according to the Independent. Dawson Moore proposed to his girlfriend, Amber Brownlee, whom he’s been dating since their freshmen year of high school.

Moore told "Good Morning America" that Brownlee and he had been discussing getting engaged. ABC News reported that Moore stated, “Amber said, ‘Well I want to be dressed up and your sister should take pictures,’ so I said I know a perfect time that we could do that then. That’s kind of when that day got a little bit more solidified.”

The well-known prom photoshoot took place at a scenic location before the couple’s prom. Moore’s sister, Hope Johns, was the photographer for them just like Brownlee had wanted. Earlier in the day, Moore had tried to propose to Brownlee, and his attempts failed, he told Good Morning America.

Moore stated, “It all worked out. It was just real spontaneous at that point. We were just looking for the right moment.”

Johns was pretending to take a photo of a tattoo on Brownlee’s back when Moore’s mom told her, “They want you to turn around. And I turned around, and I was in complete shock,” Brownlee recalled, according to ABC News.

In his head, Moore had a whole speech planned for the special moment; however, when he started to go down on one knee, his mind was wiped of everything. After he was down on one knee, it took him a minute to get the question out.

“I had this whole speech in my head really. I had all this stuff that I was ready to say, and everybody was watching, and as soon as she turned around it all erased from my mind. I was speechless… I could just barely squeeze out the words,” Moore stated.

The two plan to get married in 2020. For now, the couple is going to focus on preparing for life after high school. Nursing school is in Brownlee’s plans, and Moore plans to go to their local community college.