• David Smith

Mass graves found in Gasabo district

On April 26, 2018, mass graves were discovered that are believed to contain more than 2,000 bodies. The bodies were found in Gasabo district, near the capital Kigali, in Rwanda.

The massive genocide was an insult to injury. "The new discovery is being called the most significant in a long time in this East African nation that is still recovering from the 1994 killings of more than 800,000 people," according to Fox News. Some of the Rwandans were shocked when they found out that the nearby community, Kigali, where the mass graves were found kept quiet about them for so many years.

An official with the genocide survivors' organization, Rashid Rwigamba, of Ibuka told the Associated Press that 2-3,000 bodies are thought to be buried in the graves based on the number of area residents who went missing during the genocide.

There was a local landlord who refused to answer any question about the bodies. This lead investigators to believe the man was involved in the mass killing. "The man was later arrested for suspected of taking part in the killings and accused of knowing where people had been buried all along," according to AJC.

Houses and toilets were built to cover the graves of the many people. They were torn down to make way for the search. "At least 207 bodies have been exhumed from one of the graves and 156 have been exhumed from another, said Theogen Kabagambire, an Ibuka official from Gasabo district," according to FoxNews.