• Jermichael Winn

Foods that diabetics (and those at risk) should avoid

Diabetes is a disease in which the body's ability to produce or respond to the hormone insulin is impaired, resulting in abnormal metabolism of carbohydrates and elevated levels of glucose in the blood and urine, according to dictionary.com. Some foods diabetics should avoid are white bread and flavored coffee drinks.

People use white bread to make a sandwich, but did you know people with diabetes should avoid it? According to healthline, white bread is "high in carbs yet low in fiber. This combination can result in high blood sugar levels." This shows that eating white bread can make diabetes worse and should be avoided for people who are at risk.

Another food that people with diabetes should avoid is flavored coffee drinks. According to healthline,"flavored coffee drinks are very high in liquid carbs, which can rise blood sugar levels and fail to satisfy you hunger." This shows that flavored coffee drinks may give you energy but are bad for your health, especially if you suffer from or are at risk for developing diabetes.