• Michelle Hebert

Amazon unveils Echo Dot devices for kids

On Wednesday, April 25, 2018, the newest Echo Dot model that features the voice assistant Alexa by Amazon will start being available for preorder. All of the devices will start to be shipped out on May 9, 2018, but this is a special version for kids, according to CNN news.

The device will be able to play music and answer questions; the device will also come with a one-year subscription to Amazon’s FreeTime Unlimited, and it gives users a choice of books for kids and radio stations with no advertisements.

The different devices will come in protective cases, and buyers can choose the color of the device they want: blue, green, or red. The price of this device is $79.99, which is $30 dollars more than the version for adults, according to CNN News. USA Today reported that every device will come with a two-year replacement plan.

Parents do not have to worry about their children using the Echo Dot for bad reasons because it is full of different parental controls. Time limits can be set for usage time, the services kids can access can be pre-selected, songs that parents think are inappropriate can be blocked, and the ability to purchase things off of the internet can be blocked.

Alexa will be able to answer questions the user asks; however, the responses will be tailed to the younger audiences. CNN news gave an example of a question and response: “ask Alexa if Santa is real on the new device, and it’ll respond: ‘I haven’t met him, but if I do, I want to ask about Rudolph’s nose.’”

The company is partnering with popular kids companies like Disney and Nickelodeon to offer themed alarm clocks, games, and stories.