• Allison McMIllian

World's first frozen Coca-Cola pouch released

Japan is well-known for producing randomly flavored foods and drinks. Recently this year, Coca-Cola Japan introduced a laxative version of the famous drink as a health product. Now, they have released a frozen Coca-Cola slushie in a hand-held squeeze pouch.

In 2016, Japan found a way to create a bottle of liquid Coca-Cola that automatically turned into a slushy when opened. Apparently, Coca-Cola Japan has been working on the Coca-Cola pouches for the past eight years. The product itself has had more than 100 different prototypes before its release. It was hard work for the company to perfect the Coca-Cola flavor without it being too watered down. The flavor that has come out first for the summer is Coca-Cola with a hint of Lemon. The company says it tastes like a refreshing sherbert.

The pouches went on sale on April 16, 2018, for $1.22 or 130 yen. The pouches can be resealed and can be crushed and shaken as much as the customer likes. The pouches are sold pre-frozen but can be bought and put in customers' own freezers.

The pouches have yet to be sold anywhere else but Japan. The hope is that the pouches will make it to the rest of the world eventually.