• Jermichael Winn

Foods that are cheap and healthy

Some people want to eat healthy but can`t afford healthy foods. Some foods that are affordable are peanut butter, non-fat yogurt, and kiwis.

Peanut butter is nutritious but also cheap. According to health.com," sixteen-ounce jars run from around $2.50 to $6.00 and beyond, and flavored varieties at the pricier end of the spectrum and you get around 8g protein, healthy fats, fiber, and great flavor." This shows peanut butter is healthy and cheap.

Non-fat yogurt is high in protein but also wallet-friendly. According to dailyhealthlifestyles.com," in one serving, you'll get 14grams of protein and be eating just 150 calories, so it is ideal for helping you lose weight as well. Top it off, one small serving will cost you about $0.5."

Another cheap and healthy food is kiwis. According to dailyhealthlifestyles.com, "you can also get plenty of nutrition by eating the tangy, juicy green flesh found inside. They only cost around $0.5 each, too!" This shows kiwis release energy in your body without costing much money.