• Allison McMIllian

Hardee's makes giant 'crop burger' in Nashville field

Last week, Hardee's revealed its newest advertisement. It is not the typical commercial or billboard, but it is something more fascinating. Hardee's has made a giant crop burger in a field near Nashville, according to Fox News.

The burger art is so big that it can only be viewed by helicopter. Under the burger, Hardee's has its name written, or planted, in block letters. It was designed by Stan Herd. He is from Kansas and is a professional crop circle artist. He planted the art in a field on Pennington Bend Road in the Opryland area. The picture should last for at least a week.

Hardee's took to twitter saying," We partnered up with American crop artist Stan Herd to grow something magical for all y’all ✨🍔✨."

Jeff Jenkins is the CMO of Hardee's parent company, CKE Restaurants. He told The Hype Magazine that he wanted to talk to customers in a different way. He also said that the company worked with a local farmer and Herd to throw its food and customers "a down-home salute."

Other than this being a publicity stunt, the company hopes to earn good will. The company is also doing a giveaway. One fan has to take a photo of the burger and put the hashtag #cropburger to win a cooler full of Hardee's branded items.