• Damien Lane

Needed update for 'Sea of Thieves' is coming soon

"Sea of Thieves" was released on March 20, 2018, by the developer Rare, running off the Engine called Unreal Engine. "Sea of Thieves" was released for only two platforms, which are Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. "Sea of Thieves" is a game based around the idea of being a pirate of the high seas. The game places four to three people on a boat to sail, fight, and find treasures around the world.

"Sea of Thieves" has been out for some time now, and players are enjoying the game, but some are getting bored by the back and forth content of game-play. The game-play is mainly about finding treasure, taking out skeleton captains, and gathering supplies for the Merchant Alliance. The player goes back and forth to gather things to sell to level-up and make in-game money to customize the player's character. The in-game currency can be used to even customize players' ships.

The progression of the game is very slow, and it even takes a long time to buy a shirt, so many players are getting bored spending so much time to make so little. The mechanics of the game even feel like they limit the ability of the players to play the game of they want.

During "Sea of Thieves" first week of launch, Rare was making sure that the game was stable and working fine. Rare is now noticing that players are getting bored with mechanics of the game and are working very fast on adding new content to the game and changing up the mechanics of the game to make it easier to make in-game money or play any way the player desires. The update will add new weekly events starting in May and will keep going to stretch over the summer as well. The new events are here to keep players busy, and a new AI threat is being added to the world for players to go up against. Rare has named the new event The Hungering Deep. The new event sounds like it will be another sea monster. The update will hopefully turn the game around in a good way.