• Damien Lane

Dog trained to find Whoppers for blind owner

Nathan Tree is a British hockey player who is legally blind. Tree is one of two U.K. hockey players who is legally blind. Tree has a trained dog that is a golden retriever named Flynn to help him get around town and get where he needs to be or to find his favorite food place, Burger King. Tree sent a message to Burger King asking about training his dog to find whoppers for him, according to Fox News.

Burger King replied to Tree saying that it was an interesting idea and they would try it. Burger King went out their way to bring Tree some expert dog trainers to help Flynn find Burger Kings' Whopper for him. The trainers trained Flynn for 15 days until he could find the Whopper every time without mistaking it for any other food. Flynn's final test was a blind smell test to see if he could tell which is which. Flynn passed the test with one try, and it was just in time to travel with Tree on a trip to Paris.

A camera crew followed Tree and his dog to Paris to see if Flynn could really find a Burger King Whopper. When Tree became hungry, he used a key phrase to tell Flynn to look for Whoppers. Flynn started to sniff and look around until he picked up on something in the air. Flynn started leading Tree to Burger King. Tree got his Whopper, and Flynn got a couple of fries for a reward.