• David Smith

Tallahassee man escapes after being kidnapped

On April 20, 2018, a man was found rushing out of a house and seemed frightened. The man was then approached by Dane Burkhalter and his girlfriend, Abbrianna Casey, two residents of Tallahassee, Fla.

The couple said, "they heard their two large dogs barking loudly around 1:50 a.m. on April 6." After getting up, they realized that there was a man yelling for help. They then rushed over to the man and realized he had been seriously beaten.

The man who is the main suspect and being held behind bars is Dennis Lockwood II.

According to Burkhalter, "It was his left eye that was massively swollen. It basically looked like a baseball coming out of his eye. He had the big industrial zip ties that had his hands zip tied together. His shirt was wrapped around his arms. So not only the zip ties, but also his shirt had him bound up," according to WCTV, which also reported that the men would likely have killed him if he had not been in front of his grandmother's house.

The couple and Dane's Mother, Anita Burkhalter, found the man near their home. They carried him to their home and sat him on their porch swing while they called 911. The man was later identified as Moore, and he was then treated for his injuries that could be treated at the scene. He was rushed to the hospital and later returned to his grandmother's house.

Before he returned to his grandmother's house, he went by and thanked the family once again for saving his life.

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