• Damien Lane

US military creates new armed drones

The US army has been creating armed drones for a while now, and they have only been getting bigger every year. The development of armed drones started with drone-guided missiles and bomb-disarming drones. The military has worked on arming drones before with no one knowing.

The new drones that the military has been working on are armed to the teeth with a range of different types of weapons. The Marine Corps is trying to make it where drones will be the ones fighting instead of living people out in the field.

The Marine Corps has made some drones like the MUX (Marine Air Ground Task Force Unmanned Aircraft System-Expeditionary). The MUX is a heavily-armed aircraft that takes off faster than a normal aircraft. The drone can avoid obstacles, adapt, and land by itself without help.

The military has also created countermeasures for other countries' armed drones. Anti-drone ATVs have been provided to our military for drone defense. The ATVs have been equipped with high-powered lasers to cut enemy drones out the sky. according to Fox News