• Breanna Johns

Charter bus slams into Long Island bridge overpass

On Sunday, April 8, 2018, a charter bus packed with students returning from spring break slammed into a bridge overpass on Long Island.

New York State Police investigators were trying to determine why the bus driver did this.

The accident injured dozens of teens, chaperones, and the driver.

According to USA Today, “The bus, operated by Journey Bus Line, was traveling from John F. Kennedy International Airport along the Southern State Parkway on Sunday night when the top of the bus apparently was ripped off by the overpass, photos from the scene indicated.”

“Most commercial vehicles are banned from the parkway,” Maj. David Candelaria, a spokesman for the state police said.

"I don't think he [the driver] had any awareness," Candelaria said. "If you look at the damage, it was a high-impact strike.”

The driver of the bus had been identified as Troy Gaston.

Two people suffered serious injuries from the accident. Five others suffered moderate injuries, and the rest of the 43 passengers had minor injuries.

Only one passenger was extricated from the bus; the others were able to walk out.

Plans for an electric system that warns drivers when vehicles are too high for an overpass on the parkway are already in the works.