• Mariah Reeve

Saints cheerleader fired

A former Saints cheerleader has been fired over a photo on her private Instagram page, and she has made a discrimination complaint against the New Orleans Saints.

Bailey Davis was fired in January of this year for breaking the teams rules of conduct, which forbids cheerleaders from appearing nude, semi-nude, or in lingerie.

Davis posted a picture in a one-piece bathing suit. The team later found the picture and stated that it violated her employment. At the same time they were investigating reports of her being at a party where the football players were present.

Davis denied the allegations of being at the party and had her Instagram private as the team required. She was fired after only being a cheerleader for three seasons.

Davis has filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, claiming the Saints violated the NFL's personal conduct policy prohibiting discrimination, according to USA Today.

"NFL players have zero rules over contact with cheerleaders," Davis' attorney, Sara Blackwell, tells USA TODAY Sports. "But the cheerleaders have written rules that they can only say 'hello,' (or) 'good game.' They cannot speak to (players), they cannot be in (the) same room."

“The Saints organization strives to treat all employees fairly, including Ms. Davis,” Leslie A. Lanusse, a lawyer who is representing the Saints, wrote in an email to the New York Times. “At the appropriate time and in the appropriate forum, the Saints will defend the organization’s policies and workplace rules. For now, it is sufficient to say that Ms. Davis was not subjected to discrimination because of her gender.”

Here are some bizarre rules NFL cheerleaders have to follow according to online sources:

1. Maintain an "Ideal Body Weight"

2. Who they can and can't date is regulated

3. Buy and sell their own calendars

4. Constant teeth whitening and tanning

5. Hair and makeup must be perfect

6. Told how to eat soup

7. No use of slang

8. The chewing gum is regulated

9. Social media is monitored or even controlled

10. Must always stand unless told otherwise