• Damien Lane

Arizona suspends testing of self-driving cars

Self-driving cars in Arizona have been crashing and hitting people near or walking on the roads. The Republican governor has suspended Uber from testing autonomous vehicles on the roads of Arizona for an unknown time. A letter to Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, sent by the Republican governor, told Arizona Department of Transportation to stop all testing of self-driving vehicles in the state of Arizona.

Recent dash-cam footage has been released about the autonomous cars striking people and driving off. Many people after seeing the dash-cam footage became worried about the self-driving cars hitting them or small children playing near roads.The footage was released on Wednesday 28, 2018, by the Tempe Police Department. The footage showed the car driving at night and running over a man identified as Elaine Herzberg.

Elaine is 49 years old and was walking across the street with his bike when he noticed the car coming towards him was not slowing down. Elaine didn't have any time to move out the way and was run over, as well as his bike. The hit and run is only one of the cases involving self-driving vehicles .