• David Smith

Florida business owner arrested for exploitation of elderly customer

On March 27, 2018, James Bennett, who is the owner of Bennett Better Built Homes, in Wakulla County, Fla., was arrested for stealing $20,000 from a blind, 68-year old man.

The man agreed to buy a $59,000 manufactured home from Bennett. "The man made a $20,000 down payment to Bennett and intended to finance the rest." according to WTXL. The man told investigators that Bennett led him to believe he'd receive documents the next day since he is legally blind.

The blind man never got the documents he signed, and nothing was explained to him. He finally received the documents on March 13, 2018.The documents included the purchase price of the home, which included $11,221 in closing costs, in addition to sales tax and title fees. "In total, the price had gone from $59,000 to $75,042, something the man had not agreed to," according lto WTXL.

The blind man wanted a refund, and Bennett promised he would receive the refund in a few days. "According to investigators, the blind man never received his refund," according to WCTV.

"Bennett was arrested and charged with exploitation of an elderly person or disabled adult," according to WTXL. Bennett was booked into to the Wakulla County Jail yesterday.