• Jake Jordan

African wildlife going extinct

According the Science News, a new study by the Wildlife Conservation Society "predicts wildlife of Africa's Albertine Rift will be threatened by climate change." Studies show that nearly 50 percent and approximately 162 different species will become threatened by 2080 due to the change in climate.

According to Live Science, the Red List is a graph showing the species that would be affected. It is also an inventory of plants and animals at risk of extinction, according to research by the International Union for Conservation.

According to Live Science, on average 38 percent of suitable habitats have already been lost to the climate change around the continent of Africa. The animals that are decomposing in the region are where some of the highest human population densities occur in Africa.

It is estimated that nearly 68 percent of the areas where current and future habitats will overlap are already safeguarded by parks and reserves. Some of the animals affected by the climate change are the riverine rabbit, Ethiopian wolf, grevy's zebra, the African wild dog, and the African penguin.

Each species of animals has its own habitat that it is adapted to, and if the climate changes so do certain aspects of their habitats that would change the course of how the animals live their lives. This forces them to adapt or to die off from the changes to their homes.

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