• Tatum Williams

Perfect prom dresses for your perfect night

Our Cairo High School 2K18 Prom is fast approaching! April 21 will be spent picking out a nice hairstyle and fancy tuxedo for the boys, and looking at dress after dress to find the perfect one, applying the sharpest of eyeliners, and getting your hair just right for us girls.

Prom dresses range from 100 to 400 dollars on average, which is insane for a one time, one wear! With this in mind, I have put together a list of stunning dresses and gowns which wont break your bank and will make you the brightest star of the night.

First is this trumpet/mermaid V-neck sweep/brush train sleeveless sequins ruffles dress that you see to the side. It comes in 28 colors and every size you can think of. You can even customize it to match your special size if they don't have it! This dress is normally $723, but with the 79% off sale they're having on this item, the price of this eye-catching piece has been knocked down to $152. The curve-hugging dress is backless and also has a trail which is sure to give you the queen look! Click on the picture to take you to the site.

If you are looking for a more princess-inspired dress, this is the one for you. Next up is the ball gown, sweetheart, sleeveless, applique, tulle, floor-length dress, which also comes in 28 different hues and all sizes. This dress can be customized to match any size, as well. I would recommend pastel colors for this dress instead of the deeper and more vibrant shades because of the soft, more gentle look the pastels give off. This beautiful, strapless gown has an easy-to-put-on, corset-like top.

Long to short dresses, I've officially listed them all! Next in line is this A-line/princess, long sleeves, scoop, paillette, satin, short/mini dress. This gorgeous dress is one of my personal favorites. The all-lace long sleeves give you a modest look, and the "skater skirt"-like bottom will show off the great tan you've been working on. The dress also comes in 28 colors and all sizes to choose from, custom sizes included! Colors I would personally recommend would be Champagne, Burgundy, Pearl Pink, or Sky Blue because when the dance floor lights hit you, you'll steal the night.