• Breanna Johns

Governor Rick Scott offers to send extra security to Parkland school

On Tuesday, March, 20, 2018, the Governor of Florida, Rick Scott, offered to equip extra security at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Over a month ago, the mass school shooting occurred there.

Scott’s dedication to this happened when the Broward County Sheriff’s Office suspended one of their officers because he appeared to be sleeping in his patrol car while he was on duty outside of Stoneman Douglas High.

“Three Stoneman Douglas students were also charged Tuesday in unrelated incidents -- two for allegedly bringing weapons to campus and one for allegedly making a threat of violence on social media,” the sheriff's office said.

One of the three students charged was a tenth grader who was removed from his class for "posting pictures on Snapchat depicting a handgun in his wasteband and numerous bullets." The other two students were arrested for bringing knives to school.

Scott asked for Broward Officials to require an armed officer to guard every school entrance.

The Florida Highway Patrol are willing to provide help until a permanent plan is set into place.

"We must work together to ensure that no family will have to endure the loss of a child because of a school shooting in Florida," the governor wrote.