• Allison McMillian

Christian school bans girl from prom because of dress

Josie Reason, a 16-year-old form Louisiana, was not allowed to attend prom at her boyfriend's school, named Central Private, in Central, La. The school said her dress was too revealing and not appropriate for the occasion, according to Fox News.

Josie started getting ready for prom on March 17, 2018. According to her mother, Rebecca Reason, Josie knew the dress code and had it in mind while dress shopping.

“Josie is pretty conservative and since the prom was at a Christian school, she was concerned about looking appropriate,” Rebecca tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

The girl and her mother decided on a $400 floor-length gown with a floral skirt and black razorback top with two cut-out panels covered by mesh, after vetoing other dresses that were too tight or were too revealing.

Rebecca said she texted Josie's boyfriend's mother to make sure they could color coordinate the dress and make sure it was appropriate. Rebecca even checked with the school to make sure the dress was appropriate, and they said as long as "no bare skin showed" it should be fine.

On prom night, Josie and her boyfriend, Christian, headed out in their limo to prom, but shortly after they arrived, Rebecca received a call from her daughter.

“I could tell Josie was trying not to cry,” she says to Yahoo Lifestyle. “She said, ‘Mom, they won’t let me in the prom because of my cut-outs — I either have to wear Christian’s jacket all night or walk 40 minutes to Walmart and buy a belt.’”

Josie tried to explain that her cutouts were covered by mesh, but the school chaperones still wouldn't let her in because it was "see-through." Christian even pleaded with Josie on the subject. He said there were girls from his school who had on even more revealing dresses, but the prom chaperones still did not allow the couple to enter. Josie believed she was the only one targeted because she did not attend the school.

Since the teens could not enter the dance, Christian's mother picked them up and took them to dinner and to see a movie. Rebecca is upset about how the school treated her daughter. According to Fox News, the couple will try again at Josie's school (which will be holding its own prom) on this Saturday night. Central Private has not yet commented back on what had happened.

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