• Tatum Williams

Easy D.I.Ys for students

Students and book worms alike look for ways to save their place in a book without folding the page and creating creases in the otherwise unblemished pages of the gateway to another world. The wonderful invention of the bookmark, which was seen near the end of the sixteenth century, was first used by none other than Queen Elizabeth I herself. Bookmarks don't have to be just plain strips of cloth, fabric, paper, or cardstock. They can be designed and made to look like adorable animals or ferocious dragons, much like these D.I.Y animal bookmarks in the instructional video below

The words flash drive and pink-eraser normally aren't used in the same sentence, and when they are, it's bound to be something strange. Here is your something strange! Pink-eraser flash drive sticks are an easy to do D.I.Y which can help you keep track of your things and conserve space in your pencil pouch and/or back pack. Any color and any GB size flash drive will work for this project. The video below will show you how to accomplish the creation of this weird but extremely useful tool.