• Allison McMIllian

Next year's iPhone won't use notches

The iPhone X was considered an experiment for Apple. Some of the features were not received well by consumers. This includes the $1000 price tag of the phone. Another reason why people did not seem to favor the phone was because of the slight design overlook. Apple still used the notch to cover the phone's sensors, speakers, and front camera. People wanted a full edge-to-edge screen display, but unfortunately, the notch covers a small portion of the iPhone X's screen.This notch is a problem that Apple hopes to remove by next year, according to Fox News.

Apple may have found a way to hide the sensors and other things while maintaining Face ID. Korean manufacturers for the Apple product reported that the OLED phones arriving in 2019 will not have a notch. There have been ideas thrown out there such as drilling holes for the sensors in the display. Samsung has already filed a patent for that design. Apple could create a smaller notch and slightly thicker screen bezel.

Although nothing has been confirmed by Apple, rumors about the newer iPhones usually turn out to be true. If there is to be a change in the notch design, consumers are soon to be happy.